Leviticus 18: Rules about who you can have sex with


Don’t have sex with relatives or in-laws. No threesomes involving sisters. No having sex with your neighbors wife. Don’t sacrifice any of your children to Molech. Men should not have sex with men and women should not have sex with animals. If you do any of these things you defile the land and it and I will spit you out.

In other words:

Choose your sex partners wisely.

Favorite bit:

That the prohibition on threesomes only applies to sisters. (Leviticus 18: 18)

Most interesting bit:

That the prohibition on bestiality only applies to women. (Leviticus 18:23)

It’s safe to say:

Whatever the consequences of this behavior, which is to be cut off and spit out from the land – happened long long ago and whatever agreement this god had with these people, the covenant has been broken and the rules should no longer be considered binding.

Moral Lesson learned:

Choose your sex partners wisely (Leviticus 18)