Genesis 50: Double coffins


Jacob dies and is embalmed and mourned for 70 days. Joseph tells Pharaoh of his promise to bury his dad in the family tomb. So Pharaoh and Joseph and all his brothers (everyone except for the little kids and servants that tended the flocks) went to Canaan to bury Jacob/Israel.  This rather shocked the Canaanites.  When they get back to Egypt, his brothers are worried that he is going to wreak vengenence on them for having tried to kill him in his youth. Joseph assures him that it’s all ok and that he will continue to feed them and care for them. Joseph goes on to live until 110. He sees his great grandchildren born. As he is dying he says, make sure to take my bones with you when you are taken out of Egypt. He dies and is embalmed and buried in Egypt.

In other words:

Jacob dies and is buried in Canaan. Joseph dies and is buried in Egypt. Both are embalmed per the Egyptian style.

Favorite bit:

(Genesis 50: 2-4) the embalming of Jacob/Israel. My son went through an Egyptian mummy phase, so it was really cool to read about techniques we’ve learned about elsewhere.

Most annoying bit:

That the brothers still feel guilty over what they did to Joseph when he was a young man. Granted, they should feel guilty, but still. It’s annoying they can’t get over it. (Genesis 50: 15-21)

Moral Lesson:

  • Fancy Egyptian burials are cool (Genesis 50:10)
  • Guilt will eat away at you for years. Letting go of guilt isn’t easy – so best not to do stupid evil things in the first place (Genesis 50:15-21)