Exodus 8: Dead frogs everywhere


Moses asks for permission to go make sacrifice once again and is once again refused so he makes dead frogs appear everywhere. The magicians once again say – we can do that – easy peasy. But the frogs are everywhere so Pharaoh tells Moses that if he can get rid of them, they can go make sacrifice. So Moses asks God to kill all the frogs, which He does. At which point, there are dead frogs everywhere and things begin to stink. Pharaoh renegs on his promise so they make a swarm of lice appear and plague Pharaoh. The magicians say – this we cannot do, it must be God’s work. Pharaoh is not amused. While the swarm of lice is occuring, God makes a plague of flies, but spares Goshen where the Israelites are. Pharaoh tries to cut a deal – go sacrifice but stay here. Moses says we can’t. your people will think we are conducting an abomination and try to stone us. We have to go away to do this. Pharaoh agrees but tells them not to go too far. Moses asks God to remove the flies, which He does. Pharaoh once again renegs on his promise and will not let Moses’ people go.

In other words:

Moses: Let my people go! Pharaoh: No! Moses: Fine – enjoy the dead frogs, lice and flies.

Favorite bit:

That the frogs all die and that there were so many of them, the land stank. This is probably what brought on the plague of flies.

Most annoying bit:

That Pharaoh keeps reneging and that this is apparently God’s plan all along. He wants Pharaoh to refuse so he can show how powerful he is. This is all ego on God’s part. Not a very becoming quality if you ask me.

Moral Lesson Learned:

You can’t trust the promise of a politician. (Exodus 8:32)