Leviticus 11: Food Rules


The rules about what is ok to eat and what isn’t are laid out.  Cows are ok. Camels and coneys are not. Hares and hogs are not ok.  Fish with scales are ok to eat. Fish without scales are not. If a fish has no fins or scales, don’t eat it. For birds, all the class of raptors are not to be eaten. Ravens, kites, swans storks and herons are also prohibited. Most bugs are not ok to eat but locusts beetles and grasshoppers are ok.  Anything with paws is not ok to eat.  You aren’t allowed to use the skins of anything considered unclean. Road kills is unclean. Water and bread is ok as long as it hasn’t touched anything that is unclean, the exception is a deep well, which can be considered clean. If you touch or eat something that isn’t clean, you have to clean yourself.

In other words:

Rules are set out for what you can and cannot eat.

What’s interesting:

Most of this makes sense. This is about basic health. Some things are more likely to make you sick and so are unclean. Though I suspect the prohibition on eating camel is to differentiate these people from others.

Favorite bit:

That entimophagy is endorsed (Leviticus 11: 22)

Moral Lesson Learned:

Be careful what you eat (Leviticus 11)