Leviticus 6: Rules about lying and the burnt offerings


If you lie, or are deceitful or take someone else’s property by force, you need to return it plus another 1/5th of what it was worth and bring an unblemished ram for sacrifice. This chapter then pivots to Aaron having to keep the fire burning all the time and how to dispose of the ashes (Put on your blood soaked linen garments, take the ashes out and put them to the side. Change into your regular clothes and take the ashes out of town to a clean place.) Finally it closes with how much Aaron and his sons are supposed to eat of the offerings and exactly where in the complex they are to eat things. And what they aren’t supposed to eat (If it is a meat/bread offering from the priests themselves – that isn’t to be eaten).

In other words:

Don’t lie cheat or steal and keep your altar clean of ashes.

Favorite bit:

That in order to clean the ashes out Aaron has to wear the blood soaked linen outfit. (Leviticus 6:10)

Most interesting bit:

That things are holy if they get the blood of the sacrifice on them except for earthen vessels, which need to be broken if sodden. Metal vessels can be scoured and cleaned. (Leviticus 6:28)

This must be important:

(Leviticus 6:30) Don’t eat blood offerings. Burn it on the altar instead.

Moral Lesson Learned: 

Keep your grill and fireplace clean of ashes. (Leviticus 6)