Leviticus 20: Punishments for violating sexual prohibitions


This is basically a repeat of the chapter on sexual prohibitions. Except this time, we get the punishments that accompany each violation.
1) If you worship other gods, especially Molech, you will be stoned.
2) If you curse your parents, you will be killed
3) Adultary? Death
4) Sleeping with your dad’s wife? Death
5) Sleeping with your daughter in law? Death
6) Male/Male sex? Death
7) Threesome involving a mother and her daughter? Death by fire
8) Woman engaging in bestiality? Death for both the woman and the beast
9) Incest? Cut off from the people
10) Sex during menstruation? Cut off from people
11) Sex with your uncle’s wife? Childlessness
12) Sex with your brother’s wife? Childlessness
Also, if you are a wizard or a witch, you shall be stoned to death.

In other words:

We are again reminded about the sexual prohibitions.

Favorite bit:

That in a chapter that is basically about sex, we are reminded not to trust wizards or people with a familiar. (Leviticus 20:27) Also, death by fire for witchcraft during the inquisition was clearly not the prescribed punishment.

Favorite rules:

Levitucs 20:20,21 – where the punishment for having sex with your uncle or brother’s wife is childlessness. All the other sexual prohibitions are punished by death.

Unanswered question:

Why the threesome with mother and daughter involves death by fire.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Choose your sexual partners wisely (Leviticus 20)