Numbers 12: A plot is foiled


Miriam and Aaron conspire against Moses because he apparently had married an Ethiopian woman. God gets mad and scolds Miriam telling her that He will speak to who He wants and then He gives Miriam a bout of leprosy. Aaron begs Moses to ask God to forgive Miriam and heal her. He does, but He makes Miriam shut out from camp for 7 days. Afterward they moved camp to the wilderness of Paran.

In other words:

Miriam conspires against Moses and fails.

Favorite bit: 

That Moses married an Ethiopian. (Numbers 12:1)

Second favorite bit:

That this plot was only possible because of how meek Moses was (Numbers 12:3)

What’s unclear:

Whatever this skin condition was, it wasn’t leprosy as that doesn’t clear up in 7 days.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Don’t gossip behind people’s back (Numbers 12)