Numbers 15: Try to Remember


God tells Moses what sort of offerings he wants his congregation to make to him when they finally go into the land He has promised them. But because they are likely to forget, he provides rules on how to atone for forgetting and rules for how to atone for strangers who don’t know the rules. Then he tells them all to put blue fringe on all their garments so they don’t forget the rules.

In other words: 

God orders everyone to wear blue fringe so they don’t forget how to offer Him sacrifices when they finally arrive in Canaan 40 years hence.

Favorite bit:

That it’s basically understood that everyone is going to forget these rather detailed rules of what animals to sacrifice exactly how 40 years from now so they have to wear blue fringe on their clothes to remind them. (Numbers 15:38)

Least favorite bit:

I admit – I basically skipped over the details of exactly what has to be sacrificed in what order and how and where and with what sort of flour and bread.

Moral Lesson:

Find ways to remind yourself of important things (Numbers 15)