Numbers 23: Third Times a Charm


Balak makes a sacrifice with Balaam. Balaam receives the word of God which is that the Israelites are going to win this battle, don’t fight them. Balak is upset, after all he was paying Balaam to bless him, not his enemies. So he takes Balaam to another spot and offers another sacrifice. This time Balaam says – God hasn’t changed his mind.  So Balak takes him to yet a third place to offer yet another sacrifice to see if God likes that better.

In other words:

Balak asks Balaam to get God’s blessing in the upcoming battle. God, through Balaam, refuses.

Favorite bit:

That when he fails to get his blessing, he tries again and again.

Other favorite bit:

That these sacrifices involve 7 altars and 7 rams and 7 bullocks.

What’s interesting:

Balaam must be related to the Israelites if he has a personal relationship with God and can speak to him on a regular basis, yet he’s not part of Moses’ mob.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Sometimes you have to accept that the answer is “no.” (Numbers 23)