Numbers 28: Offerings Commanded by the Lord


God tells Moses to remind the congregation about the sacrifices required of them.

  • Lambs and flour and oil to be burned for continual offerings. Wine is also to be offered
  • 2 bulls, one ram and 7 first year lambs for the sabbath offerings along with flour and oil and wine.
  • Passover – eat unleavened bread and no servile work on the first day. Sacrifice 2 bulls, 1 ram and 7 lambs and a goat for a sin offering. On the 7ths day – do no servile work. 
  • First Fruist/Harvest – 2 bulls, 1 ram and 7 lambs along with flour and 1 goat to make atonement for you. 

In other words:

God reminds everyone about their sacrificial commitments. It involves a lot of lambs, rams and bulls and the occasional goat.

Favorite bit:

Nothing really, it’s a list and it’s rather boring.

What I’m grateful for:

No one feels compelled to keep these specific commandments anymore.

Moral Lesson Learned:

The smell of burned meat is apparently really nice?  (Numbers 28)