Deuteronomy 26: Make a promise


Once you inhabit the lands, you are to take the first fruits to the altar established by God and give it to the Levites and say – A Syrian ready to perish was my father. he went down to Egypt and because a great nation. But the Egyptians turned against us and we fled and you led us here. I have brought the Levites the first fruit and provided for the poor, the fatherless and the widows. I have kept all the commandments so please look down from your holy habitation and bless thy people Israel.

In other words:

We are given a synopsis of the story so far.

Favorite bit:

Deuteronomy 26:5 – That they were explicitly in Syria before heading to Egypt. Of course, I don't think it was called Syria at the time, this must have been a later rewrite.

2nd favorite bit:

Deuteronomy 26:15 – look down from thy holy habitation from heaven, and bless thy people Israel.  (I love that this is a lovely alliteration – holy habitation from heaven)

Funniest bit:

Deuteronomy 26:18 – And the Lord hath avouched thee this day to be his peculiar people.  (Sure, you have to do all sorts of weird things, but that just makes you special.)

Moral Lesson Learned:

Accept that you are weird and don’t let it bother you (Deuteronomy 26)