1 Samuel 16: Samuel & God plot against Saul


Samuel looks for someone to replace Saul as king. God tells him to go to Jesse and choose one of his sons. Samuel says – Saul will have me killed if I do that. So God tells him, well – pretend you are going to make sacrifice. Samuel then looks at all the sons and annoints the youngest, David. At this point, the spirit of the Lord leaves Saul and an evil spirit starts to annoy him. So his aids say – get someone to play some music for you, and you will feel better. So Saul sends for David, who was known as a good lute player. When he sees David, he likes him at once. As soon as David started playing, Saul felt at ease.

In other words:

Samuel anoints David as the new king. In the meantime Saul decides he really likes David’s lute playing and asks him to be his armor bearer, not knowing that David is chosen by Samuel to replace him.

Favorite bit:

1 Samuel 16:18-23 – that unbeknownst to Saul – he takes Samuel’s chosen replacement for him into his inner circle.

Least favorite bit:

That Samuel understood that crossing Saul would be bad. (1 Samuel 16:1-5) I don’t like this because Saul starts out so good and he turns into a typical despot pretty quickly.

Moral Lesson Learned: 

Plotting to overthrow a government? Even if you have god on your side, you need to be a bit sneaky. (1 Samuel 16)