1 Samuel 18: Saul is scared of David


Saul brings David into his house. His son Jonathan falls in love with David and gives him his clothes and they made a covenant together. The trouble starts when women singing songs sing about how Saul only killed thousands but David killed ten thousand. Saul was upset by this and started conspiring against David. He tries to kill him with a spear when he is playing the lute and fails. David always behaved wisely and Saul’s plans fail. Saul promises his daughter to David, but ends up giving her to another man. When he finds out his daughter Michal loves David, he tells David – you can be my son in law and have Michal, if you bring me the foreskins of 100 Philistines.  Saul was secretly hoping the Philistines would kill David. David and his pals went out and brought back the foreskins of 200 Philistines. David marries Michal and gains Saul as an enemy forever because now Saul knows, God is with David and that makes him a  threat to Saul.

In other words:

Saul recognizes that David is a threat to his power, so he tries to get him killed and it doesn’t work.

Favorite bit:

That David accepts the challenge and just goes out and kills 200 Philistines as if it’s no big deal.

Weirdest bit:

Seriously – what is it with this foreskin obsession? (1 Samuel 18:25-27)

Did it really say that?

Saul’s son Jonathan was knit with the soul of David and they made a covenant because Jonathon loved David as his own soul. Jonathon stripped himself of the robe that was on him (meaning David saw him naked) and gave it to David, including his sword, bow and girdle.   (1 Samuel 18: 1-4) The way I read this – this is a homosexual love affair between David and Saul’s son Jonathon – which makes David even more dangerous to Saul because his own son is in the thrall of this boy. Which by the way- if this was God’s doing – was part of God’s plan to dethrone Saul – so homosexual love and sex – naked disrobed sex – ok.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Jealousy makes people do stupid things. Don’t be jealous. (1 Samuel 18)