1 Samuel 27: David flees to the Philistines of Gath


David realizes that Saul will never stop trying to kill him so he flees to Gath, a Philistine land, and asks the king, Aehish to let him stay. The king gives him Ziklag to rule over. David is there for 1 year 4 months. David goes north and smites the Geshurites and the Amalekites and kills all the men and women and takes their sheep, oxen, asses, camels an clothes and returns and gives all these goods to the king. The king asks who he attacked. David lies and tells him he went south and raided Judah.  This makes the king of Gath trust him, because if the people of Israel hate him, he will be the king of Gath’s servant forever.

In other words:

David flees to Philistine territory to evade Saul.

Favorite bit:

That David's supporters seem to be very multi-cultural. (1 Samuel 27:3 – which is about his new wives being Carmelites and Jezreelites.

Least favorite bit:

For a guy who honors being honest, he sure is lying a lot.(1 Samuel 27:8-11 – David destroys Amalekite towns but lies and says the towns were in Judah)

Moral lesson learned:

It's ok to lie to prevent someone from killing you. (1 Samuel 27)