1 Samuel 29: David is sent home


The king of Gath, of the Philistines, has amassed an army. So has Israel. David and his men are toward the rear of the Philistine army with the king. The princes of the Philistines ask the king to send David home. They are worried that he will side with the Israelites in battle and they don’t want to take that risk. So the king, tells David, I know you have been honest with me, but the lords of the Philistines don’t want you here. So go home. So David returns to the land of the Philistines.

In other words:

The Philistines are worried David will turn coat so they send him back and don’t allow him to fight.

Favorite bit:

That all the kings, and lords and military men have such big egos that they have to tip toe around each other in politeness so as not to insult each other when delivering bad news. (1 Samuel 29:6-9)

Smartest move:

There is every likelihood that David would have sided with the people of Israel – so the princes of the Philistines were right to send him home. (1 Samuel 29:3,4)

Moral lesson learned:

Don’t take unnecessary and obvious risks (1 Samuel 29)