2 Samuel 7: God wants a house of cedar built for himself


Now that David is king and his enemies aren't attacking, he realizes that God might not be happy living in a tent. He asks Nathan the prophet what he thinks. God speaks to Nathan and says – I have traveled in this tent since we left Egypt. Why shouldn't I have a house made of cedar?  Look at all I have done for you, delivered you from Egypt, gave you judges and given you rest from your enemies.  I deserve a house. David then sat before God in the tabernacle tent, praises God, assures Him that he is a good servant and thanks him for his blessing.

In other words:

God wants a permanent house and promises David good things if he builds one for Him.

Favorite bit:

2 Samuel 7:2 – David asks a prophet for permission to build a permanent home for the Ark – and surprise – the prophet thinks it’s a great idea.

2nd favorite bit:

2 Samuel 7:20-27 – this is a lengthy sequence where David sits before the mercy seat speaking to God, thanking him for all He has done for him. Because – despite it all, this is all about David – and his kingdom.

Least favorite bit:

Most of this chapter – it consists of God bragging and then David false bragging about how blessed he is by God. (yawn)

Moral Lesson Learned:

No one wants to wander forever. Having a place to call home is important (2 Samuel 7)