2 Samuel 19: King David Returns


Joab tells King David to stop mourning the death of Absalom. He is discrediting the sacrifices his servants made to make him king again. In the meantime, the tribes of Israel are trying to decide whether to bring the king back or not. David sends the priests to speak to the elders of Judah – you are my bones and my flesh, why are you the last to bring me back as king? The people of Judah arranged to conduct David over the Jordan and back into Jeruselum.  This was done by ferry boat. Shimei, the guy who cursed David as he left, meets David as he crosses the Jordon and asks for forgiveness. David forgives him. Mephibosheth comes down to meet the king. The king wants to know why Mephibosheth did not come with him. Apparently his servant lied to him and told him he would saddle an ass, but never did. He asks for forgiveness, and this is given. Barzillai, who is 80+ years old conducts the king over the Jordan. The king wants Barzillai to come to live with him in Jeruselum. He says no, I’m old and want to die in my home town. The king kisses Barzillai and continues on to Gilgal. The men of Israel come to meet them and want to know when the men of Judah have stolen the king and brought him over the Jordan. It’s because they are his kinsman. The men of Israel protest and say they have more stake in David then they do and they should have been first to bring him back.

In other words:

The men of Judah are chosen to bring king David back to Israel. The rest of Israel is not happy about it.

Favorite bit:

That there is a guy named Barzillia. (2 Samuel 19:31-39)

2nd favorite bit:

That the men of Israel are jealous of the men of Judah – and clearly – King David is signalling his favoritism here. (2 Samuel 19:41-43)

3rd favorite bit:

That David forgives Shimei and Maphibosheth

Moral Lesson Learned:

Be the bigger person and forgive people their moments of emotional weakness (2 Samuel 19)