Joshua 2 - You can't trust a spy


Joshua sends a couple of guys to Jericho to spy and find out what they can. The spies go to a harlot’s house and word gets out that they are there so the King of Jericho sends men out to find them. The harlot hides the men and lies to the king’s men telling them that the men they are looking for left already and if they are quick, they can catch them.  So the king’s men, for some reason, believe the harlot and leave in pursuit. She then asks Joshua’s spies to spare her and her family when they attack the city. The spies say sure, tie this red ribbon to your window and we will spare anyone in the house. If you or anyone leave, we will kill you and if you tell anyone that we are going to spare the people in your house, we will kill you.

Or to put it another way:

Joshua sends a couple of spies out who spend their time with a harlot and don’t really get any real spying done, but they come back with a good story to tell their boss.

Favorite Bit

Joshua 2:5 I loved it when the harlot lies to the king’s men and basically says you just missed them. If you hurry, you can catch up to them. Go quickly!

What’s Annoying:

Joshua 2:17-20. She was nice enough to save their lives and when she asks them to save hers in return, they say sure, and then they threaten her and all her loved ones with death should she step out of line. They just seem like mean thugs.

Moral Lesson:

You can’t trust a spy. They lie for a living and they’ll kill you if they get a chance.