Joshua 10: A great war begins


The king of Jerusalem Adonizedek (great name), is now worried because Ai was a greater city than Jerusalem. So he calls 5 neighboring kings together and the plan is to attack Gibeon. It doesn’t work. they are routed and killed because a bunch of their men die in a hailstorm. The kings take refuge in a cave. In the meantime, Joshua asks for the sun and moon to stand still so that the people of Gibeon can take revenge on the people who attacked them. Meanwhile the kings are found by Joshua’s men, hanged and dumped back into the cave. Joshua then takes all the cities and kills everyone in them.

Or, to put it another way:

Neighboring kingdoms go on the offensive and fail. Joshua continues his genocidal rampage.

Favorite bit:

Joshua 10: 11, 12 – basically – I loved the hailstorm and the sun and the moon bit. Very cool.

Least favorite bit:

All the rest. It is basically a fairly long chapter and all that happens is a recitation of cities that Joshua destroys “utterly and all the souls that were therein.” (Joshua 10:37).  It seems REALLY a bit much to kill every man, woman and child in 5 towns (7 if you count the other 2 cities destroyed in previous chapters).

Moral Lesson:

Not sure exactly – again, this is about a brutal despot bent on killing anyone and everyone he comes across.