Genesis 6: The Sons of God like human women, and God likes Noah


Humans start to thrive. The sons of God find that they like human women and have children with them. These children were mighty men. There were also giants around in those days. But God got to thinking that men were wicked and evil and he was sad. So he decided to destroy man and beast and all manner of things that creep.  But it turns out that God did like Noah, so he tells him to make an ark and put enough food in it for everyone. You and your family will be spared from the destruction.

In other words:

God’s sons had sex with women, men got violent and evil, there were giants and God decides to destroy everything except for Noah, his family and the animals Noah is able to save.

Favorite bit:

That the sons of God had demigods with the women of earth and these offspring were great and mighty. (Genesis 6: 4)

Most Random bit:

Also Genesis 6:4 -There were giants in the earth in those days. They don’t have anything to do with this chapter, it’s just a random statement. They aren’t apparently related to the sons of God or anything, just something the author thought  we should know.

Biggest Question

What is gopher wood?  Why does the ark need to be built out of gopher wood? (Genesis 6: 14)

Most annoying bit:

We aren’t told what humans have done that is so bad. Seems to me that if you are going to condemn the entirety of humanity we should be told what our specific crimes were. What does being evil mean? Was there a specific incident that caused God to feel this way or was it just a hormonal mood swing?

Moral Lesson:

Gopher wood is apparently great for boat building. (Genesis 6:14)
Don’t destroy everything you’ve created even if you grow bored or annoyed by it. Be sure to save some of it in case you change your mind. (Genesis 6:18)