Genesis: 16: Abram has a son, his wife isn’t happy


Abram’s wife Sarai is barren so she has her handmaid, an Egyptian named Hagar sleep with him. Hagar gets pregnant. Hagar starts to despise Sarai. Sarai asks Abram to deal with it. Abram says no, you deal with it she is your servant.  So Sarai does. Hagar is upset and leaves.  An angel finds Hagar weeping near a fountain and tells her to go back and endure the hardship because your son needs to live among his brethren. Hagar goes back and has the son who is named Ishmael. Abram is now 86.

In other words:

Abram’s wife Sarai can’t get pregnant so she offers up her maid servant, who promptly gets pregnant.

Least Favorite bit:

Sarai and Abram arguing about who is going to deal with Hagar who is upset and not dealing with being pregnant too well. (Genesis 16: 4-6)

Most Confusing Bit:

Genesis 16:12 – An angel tells Hagar her son will be a wild man and no one will like him and he won’t like anyone, but he still needs to be brought up in this house. Why exactly?

Moral Lesson Learned:

Pregnant women can get moody. Deal with it (Genesis 16:4)