Genesis 20: Yet another King tries to marry Sarah and yet again, God intervenes


Abraham goes into a country in the south. the king asks Abraham about Sarah and just as in Egypt, Abraham tells the king that Sarah is his sister. So the king takes Sarah. God comes to the king in a dream and tells the King that Sarah is actually Abraham’s wife. The king wakes up and is very upset and wants to know why Abraham lied. Abraham says he didn’t that technically Sarah is both his half-sister and his wife and that he told this half-truth to make sure he wouldn’t be killed by men wanting Sarah as his own. The king makes peace with Abraham and gives him money, cattle and more and tells them to leave. God allows the king and his family to have children.

In other words:

Abraham once again goes into a foreign country and once again allows the king there to take his wife as his own and once again God doesn’t like that and Abraham is once again bought off and given gold and cattle and wealth to go away quietly.

Favorite bit:

That Abraham claims he technically wasn’t lying because Sarah is technically his half-sister.  (Genesis 20:12) This is a lot like Clinton arguing that it all depends on what the definition of “is” is.

What I don’t get:

If Abraham trusts his God as much as he claims to, why does he lie to protect himself and why is he so willing to give up his wife to another person? Could it be that she is barren and he just doesn’t want to deal with her?

Moral Lesson Learned:

Never trust a liar (Genesis 20:12)