Genesis: 28: Jacob dreams of a ladder


Isaac sends Jacob to Haran to find a wife amongst his wife’s relatives. Esau, learning that his mom doesn’t like the local Canaanite women, goes to Ishmael to marry one of his granddaughters.  In the meantime, Jacob heads to Haran but stops for the night (in a certain place) and uses stones for his pillow. He has a dream of a ladder reaching up to heaven. God tells him he is now his favorite and he will take care of him. He wakes up afraid realizing he is at the gate of heaven.  He makes a pillar and pours oil on it and promises to obey God.

In other words:

Jacob is sent to find a wife. Esau finds a wife. Jacob has a really scary dream involving a ladder to heaven.

Something to think about:

The way the ancient alien theorist talk about it, you would think this ladder was a real thing. It occured to Jacob in a dream though (Genesis 28: 12)

Favorite bit:

That Jacob builds a pillar out of fear (Genesis 28:18)

Moral Lesson Learned:

Be careful where you sleep (Genesis 28: 16,17)