Genesis: 31: Fleeing in the night


Having thus inseminated the cattle so that all should bear speckled or ringed offspring, Jacob tells his wives that they should get ready to leave. a) their father has lied to him and changed the deal 10 times and that he has agreed to give him all the speckled or ringed animals and that he is confident god will turn them all speckled or ring. And sure enough, when all the animals were born, they were all speckled and or ringed. It’s a miracle!  The wives agree to leave with him and Rachel takes the god images from her father. They flee and it takes 3 days for Laban to find out and they set chase after them  and catch up to them 7 days later. God comes to Laban in a dream and basically threatens him not to harm Jacob. So Laban meets up and says, why did you run away? Why did you take my cattle and my daughters. Jacob is upset and tells him that his daughters are his, he purchased them and besides, they came willingly. The cattle are also his because they are all speckled and /or spotted as per their agreement.  Laban is still not happy and accuses Jacob of stealing his gods. Jacob, who doesn’t know Rachel has them, tells him to search the tents. Laban does this but Rachel has hidden the idols under a camel saddle upon which she is sitting. Laban can’t find the idols. Jacob then accuses Laban of falsely accusing him. Laban agrees to allow them to leave and in the morning, kisses his daughters and grandsons and allows them to leave.

In other words:

Having artificially inseminated the animals so that all the offspring would belong to him, he and his wives flee with all the animals. He tells everyone this is a miracle and God clearly ordained it. Laban gives chase but Jacob once again out maneuvers him and they are finally allowed to go back to Isaac.

Favorite bit:

That Jacob, after artificially inseminating the animals to breed in his favor, tells everyone that God has ordained it and will give all the animals to him and  - behold, it’s a miracle! (Genesis 31:9)

Moral Lessons learned:

  • Sufficiently advanced technology can seem like magic (Genesis 31:9)
  • There are no such things as miracles (Genesis 31:9)
  • It is super easy to fool uneducated people, use this power only for good, not evil (Genesis 31:9)