Genesis 33: The brothers embrace


Esau comes and goes straight to Jacob and embraces him, kisses him and weeps. When the emotions of the moment are over, he asks who all these women and children are. Jacob tells him, all mine!  Esau asks about the drove in front of him. Jacob tells him that is a gift for him. Esau refuses, he has enough. Jacob insists. Esau finally agrees.  Esau says – let’s go home. Jacob says – ok, but you go before me. I have too many young kids and young animals and we can’t go very quickly. Esau goes home, Jacob goes to Succoth where he builds him a house and a place for his animals. He buys a parcel of land for 100 peices of money and there he pitches his tent.  He also erects an altar and calls it El eloheisrael.

In other words:

Jacob was worried for nothing. Esau is glad to see him. He is welcomed back into the area and sets up his house.

Favorite bit:

That he buys a parcel of land for his tent, but not for his house or the booths for his cattle.

 Moral Lessons Learned:

Allow people to surprise you (Genesis 33:4)