Chapter 42: Joseph confronts his brothers (sort of)


There is also famine in the land of Canaan so Jacob/Israel sends all the brothers sans the youngest Benjamin to go buy corn from Egypt. They go, not knowing the man in charge is their brother. He doesn’t let on that he knows them and he accuses them of being spies. They say we are not and tell him of his brother Benjamin. So Joseph locks his brothers up and makes a deal with them. I will keep Simeon, you all go back with your corn and bring your youngest brother here. Then I will believe that you are true men and not spies. They agree. When they get back, they realize that in addition to their corn, they were given back all their money. They freak out thinking they are going to be accused of stealing and that there is no way this is going to end well.

In other words:

Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt to buy corn but they don’t recognize him. He sets up a trap for them to reunite the family.

Favorite bit:

That Joseph uses a translator so that his brothers don’t suspect him, but that he knows everything they are saying. (Genesis 42: 23)

Other favorite bit:

That the brothers start arguing about whose fault it is and being that they are superstitious, they think that this is karma coming back at them for the harm they did to Joseph. Reuben, who was against selling or killing Joseph, in the first place, says “I told you so!” (Genesis 42: 22) “And Reuben answered them saying, Do not sin against the child; and ye would not hear?

Who I feel bad for:

I feel really bad for Jacob/Israel.  He believes his son is dead because of the lie his sons told him. And now he thinks that he other son Benjamin is going to be killed to. Poor old man.  (Genesis 42: 38)

More lessons learned:

It isn’t worth it to do bad things, because the guilt stays with you forever. (Genesis 42: 21)