Genesis 43: Please sir, just a little bit more


The famine continues and Jacob’s family is in dire straites. They don’t want to go back lest they loose Benjamin too. Judah convinces Jacob/Israel that they either die from lack of food, or they take their chances and buy food from Egypt. Jacob/Israel agrees. They took double the money – to pay back what they originally had tried to pay before plus more to pay for more corn plus a gift of fruit for Joseph. Joseph entertains them at his house and is very excited to see Benjamin, but he doesn’t let on.

In other words:

The sons of Israel are starving so they go back to Joseph and ask for a little bit more.

Favorite bit:

 (Genesis 43: 27-31) Joseph is made very human here. He is very excited to see his younger brother and asks about his dad, who he clearly misses.

What’s interesting:

That because Joseph is Jewish, he is not allowed to eat with the Egyptians who work for him because that is an abomination for the Egyptians. (Genesis 43:32)

Moral Lesson:

Your family matters. Don’t become estranged from them (Genesis 43:27)