Exodus 2: Moses in a nutshell


Moses is born to a man from the house of Levi. He is hidden for 3 months, then his mother sets him adrift in an arc on the river. He is found by Pharoah’s daughter. She hires Moses’s mom to nurse hi. He grows up sees the Hebrews toiling, and sees an Egyptian “smiting” a Hebrew. So he kills the Egyptian and hides the body. The next day and couple of Hebrews ask him why he killed the man and does he plan to kill them as well. Pharaoh finds out and wants to kill Moses but Moses runs away to the land of Midian but they think he is an Egyptian. Long story short, he is allowed to stay and marry one of priests daughters and she had a son. In the meantime Pharaoh dies and is replaced by a new King. All seems well except that God finally realizes the people of Israel are suffering in Egypt and decides he is going to do something about it.

In other words: 

Moses is born, grows up, kills an Egyptian, flees, gets married, and has a son.

Favorite bit:

Exodus 2: 14 – where the two Hebrew’s challenge Moses over the murder – who made thee a prince and a judge over us?

Least favorite bit:

(Exodus 2: 24,25) God is reintroduced, rather unnecessarily it seems.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Murder is murder and it is never justified. (Exodus 2: 13,14)