Exodus 1: Help! The Israelites are everywhere!


Joseph dies and a new Pharaoh who doesn’t know about Joseph takes over and is worried about all these Israelis who are living in Egypt. So he hatches a plan to drive them out of Egypt by enslaving them and he tells the Hebrew midwives, if a Jewish boy is born – kill him, you can let the girl children live though. The midwives ignore Pharaoh’s orders and the Israelites multiply. God gave the midwives houses to thank them for not killing the boy babies. Pharoah is not amused and he once again orders all the sons of Israel killed saying they should be cast into the river.

In other words:

There are a lot of Hebrews in Egypt and Pharaoh wants them gone. He orders the boy children killed, but is ignored.

Favorite bit:

Exodus: 1:17 The midwives ignore Pharaoh.


If you want something done, you have to do it yourself (Exodus 1)