Genesis 45: A family is reunited


Joseph can’t stand it any longer and confesses to his brother that he is their brother. The brothers are a bit worried, given that they tried to kill him and all and that they had sold him off as a slave. He assures him he isn’t mad because it ended up REALLY well for him. In fact, his good fortune can save their entire family. He invites them to come to Egypt and live in Goshen and he will see that they have food and will not starve as the famine continues. Pharaoh is excited that Joseph has his family back and sends them away with wagons to collect his father and the rest of the family and women and all. Jacob/Israel faints and is very happy he is going to see his favorite son again.

In other words:

Joseph and his brothers are reunited and the entire family is invited to come live in Egypt where they will be cared for.


There is no way inviting the tribes of Israel to live in the land of Egypt could go wrong.

Favorite bit:

That Pharaoh is the one who insists that Joseph bring his entire family to live in Egypt. Perhaps he didn’t really have a good grasp of just how big Joseph’s family was. (Genesis 45: 17)

Moral Lesson:

If you have good fortune, be sure to share it (Genesis 45: 11)