Genesis 46: The Jews arrive in Egypt


Jacob/Israel’s family – 70 people altogether not including slaves and their livestock arrive in Goshen and are greeted by Joseph. He tells them that when Pharaoh asks them what their trade is –to tell him they are cattle herders because shepherds are considered an abomination in Egypt. It’s apparently the same thing, but the semantics matter.

In other words:

A huge rather rich family along with all their slaves and their livestock arrive in Egypt. There is much rejoicing.

Most interesting bit:

(Genesis 46: 33,34) They are clearly shepherds because they tend cattle, yet they aren’t allowed to say that they are shepherds because Egyptians hate shepherds, so they have to say they tend cattle, which is the same thing, but in the eyes of the Egyptians, whatever the distinction is between shepherd and cattle famer matters.

Again with the foreshadowing:

There is no way having a rich rather large family come reside in a country could have any negative impact on the host country.  (Sarcasm intended)

Most annoying bit:

(Genesis 46: 8-27) We are treated to another lineage – basically its a list of every person (man, woman and child) who is part of the family coming into Egypt.  It’s more interesting than the begats, but it is still a bit hard to follow. Still, I suspect I will return to it once I am given the lineage of Moses in the next book.

Moral Lesson:

Keep track of your things (Genesis 46:8-27)