Exodus 10: But wait! There’s more!


God tells Moses, the reason I have hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that he won’t let you leave is because I need to do all these miracles so that you and your children and their children will understand how completely and totally awesome I am. So, here’s what I want you to do. Go ask Pharaoh again to let you go. He won’t. So raise your staff and I will bring a plague of locusts upon the land.  In the meantime Pharaoh’s servants are becoming scared of Moses and they entreat Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.  Pharaoh agrees, but then can’t work out the deal with Moses. Pharaoh wants the Israelites to leave their children as an assurance that the Hebrews will come back. Moses brings on the plague of locusts which ate everything that hadn’t been destroyed in the hailstorm. Pharaoh petitioned Moses to stop, which he did. At which point Pharaoh once again reneged on his deal to let them go. So Moses brings on darkness for three days. Pharaoh still wouldn’t let him go and told Moses, if you come before me again, I will kill you!

In other words:

Pharaoh still refuses to let the Hebrews go and so a few more plagues are cast upon Egypt.

What’s most annoying

We are basically told that God could get the Hebrews free – but he is making everyone suffer just to show off how awesome he is. (Exodus 10:2)

Favorite bit:

(Exodus 10:28,29) When Pharaoh is so annoyed with Moses that he tells him never to come before him again.

Moral Lesson:

Selfish and egotistical people can cause a lot of suffering (Exodus 10)
Don’t just talk about easing suffering of others. Actually do something to ease the suffering (Exodus 10)