Exodus 11: God promises to kill


God warns Moses that he is going to do one more miracle which is that He is going to kill all of the first born of Egypt, from babies to beasts. Hebrews will not be harmed by this because this is God’s way of making sure the Egyptians know that the Hebrew are special. Oh, and by the way – make sure to borrow gold and jewelry from your neighbors.

In other words:

God promises one more plague and it’s going to be a doozy.

Most annoying bit:

Again, we are told that God is the one hardening Pharaoh’s heart so, the whole Pharaoh not letting His people go is God’s fault and for that He is going to kill a lot of people and animals, again, just to show off how awesome He is. It is things like this that make people like me not like this god at all.

Favorite bit:


Moral Lesson Learned:

God is a psychopath. (Exodus 11)