Exodus 12: Free at Last!


God tells Moses to change the calendar, slaughter some calfs and spread blood on the doorways so that God will know to pass over the houses of the Hebrews. God also tells Moses that Hebrews will have to celebrate this as a holiday every year for eternity and that it is to last seven days and that the biggest part of this is that they are to eat unleavened bread for seven days. If they do not, they will be cast out of the congregation. Moses tells the rest of the folks to slaughter a calf and spread the blood on the doors and to eat everything of the calf and burn whatever you don’t eat. God kills the first born of every man, and beast that isn’t Hebrew. In the middle of the night, Pharaoh and the people of Egypt realize what is happening. Pharaoh calls Moses to him and tells him to leave, with everything, just get out. The children of Israel borrow gold and jewels from their Egyptian friends and head out. We are told it has been 430 years since the Jews arrived in Egypt and now 6,000 men are leaving along with all their children, women, servants and flocks.  Because they left so quickly, they don’t have time to leaven their bread and we are again told about the feast of Passover. You have to be circumcised to participate in it by the way.

In other words:

God kills a bunch of Egyptian children and the Jews are told to leave. Now!

Most annoying bit:

That we are told about the commandment to observe Passover in detail three times.

Most interesting bit:

(Exodus 12:43-49) This is a section where we are told that no stranger is allowed to partake in the Passover service. They have to be circumcised if they want to. Foreigners and servants aren’t allowed to participate either.  If it is a stranger and he wants to participate, he has to circumcise himself and all the members of his family before he should be allowed to participate. Seriously – this obsession with circumcision is a bit weird. We are never told WHY circumcision is important, only that you make god mad if you aren’t. It would be interesting to know why. As it is, it seems a bit arbitrary and fetishist.

Moral lesson learned:

Make people made enough and the won’t have anything to do with you (Exodus 12)