Exodus 20: The 13 Commandments


God tells Moses his commandments.
  1.  Have no other gods before me.
  2. Don’t make any graven images of anything in heaven, in the earth, in the water or under the earth
  3. Don’t take God’s name in vain
  4. Keep the Sabbath, it is holy
  5. Honor your father and mother
  6. Don’t kill
  7. Don’t commit adultery
  8. Don’t steal
  9. Don’t lie or bear false witness
  10. Don’t covet your neighbor’s things
  11. Don’t make any gods of silver or god
  12. Make an altar of stones for burnt offerings.
  13. Don’t get naked on my altar. 

In other words:

God issues a list of commandments that make up the covenant.

My favorite bit:

Exodus 20:26 “Neither shalt thou go up by steps unto mine altar, that thy nakedness be not discovered thereon.” Can’t help thinking that this may be a prohibition against having sex on the altar.  Which, let’s face it, people probably did.

Funniest bit:

That even though the commandment against making god’s out of gold and silver is pretty darned clear, people do that anyway. (Exodus 20:23)

Other funny bit:

That there appear to be 13 separate commandments.

Moral Lesson:

Don’t have sex on altars. (Exodus 20:26)
Don’t lie, cheat or steal and make sure to take a break every now and again (Exodus 20)