Exodus 30: Incense and Perfumes


God now says that Aaron and his sons only need to make this blood sacrifice once a year. On all other days, burning and lighting of incense will be enough, so have a small altar made before the real altar where the incense can be burned. They also need a basin to wash their feet so that god doesn’t kill them when they enter the tabernacle. We are told of how much money each person must give the priests to help secure their life each year to pay for the upkeep of the tabernacle. This is ransom money to pay for their souls to keep them alive. We are then given the ingredients of a special perfumed oil that they shall only make once. It is a holy ointment that is only to be used to anoint Aaron and his sons so that they can minister him as priests. They are also to make a perfume and we are given a recipe for that. That perfume is only for God’s use in the tabernacle. With both the anointing oil and perfume we are warned that if anyone makes it for themselves they will be cut off from the people.

In other words:

God doesn’t require blood sacrifice all the time. Blood sacrifices are a once a year thing. The rest of the time He wants incense, perfume and holy perfumed anointing oils.

What I would like to smell:

Someone should really mix up this oil and perfume and see what they smell like. It wouldn’t be that hard because the recipe is very specific. I would think and there would definitely be a market for it. I think it is safe to say that at this point, since God isn’t dwelling amongst us that the threat of being cut off from the people, especially for those of us not among the people isn’t a very potent threat.

Favorite bit:

That the blood sacrifices are over and we are now on to more rational sacrifices.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Smelling nice is good (Exodus 30)