Leviticus 8: The blood sacrifice begins


After all the talking and discussing and laying of rules, the blood sacrifice begins. Aaron is clothed, anointed with oil and a bull is killed, blood sprinkled and the bull cooked. A ram is killed, blood sprinkled and the ram cooked. Another ram is killed, this blood is poured on Aaron and his sons. They are then told to boil this ram and eat it and then stay within the tabernacle for seven days until they are “officially” consecrated.

In other words:

The first sacrifice is finally made. It doesn’t seem nearly as bad as it was described, but perhaps that’s just the redundancy.

Favorite bit:

That we probably don’t have to hear about this first sacrifice in such detail ever again.

Moral Lesson Learned:

If you have to do something unpleasant – just get it over with. (Leviticus 8)