Leviticus 22: Rules for who among the priestly caste can eat of the holy offerings.


If you are unclean, you can’t eat from holy things until you are clean again. If you are a girl and married into another family, you can not eat of the holy things, unless you are widowed or divorced or have no child and are sent back to her father, in which case, she can eat of the holy things. If a non-priest eats a holy thing, they should reserve a 5th and give it back to the priest. The rest of the chapter has to do with not accepting blemished offerings and the fact that animals for sacrifice have to be over 8 days old to be accepted for sacrifice.

In other words:

To get the benefits of being a priest, you have to keep holy, be clean and adhere to the rules and animal sacrifices must be nice.

Favorite bit:

Leviticus 22:13 – because this concerns the status of women who are divorced and their right to be fed.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Don’t turn your back on family. (Leviticus 22:13)