Leviticus 23: Three Feasts


God tells Moses that there are three evening feasts they must keep as holy. The also tells them about the 7th day of the week being a Sabbath. The first feast is Passover (14th day of the first month). The next day (The 15th day of the 1st month is the feast of unleavened bread. This lasts 7 days. The next holy day is when they come into the land God plans to give them, after the first harvest, they have to make a series of offerings. First you have to do a wave offering of first fruits. Then you have to sacrifice a he-lamb (unblemished – of course), Plus a bread/meat offering of fine flour mingled with oil and wine. You can’t eat any of the harvest until this offering is done. 7 sabbaths later (or 50 days) you have to give another bread/meat offering along with 7 lambs, one bullock and two rams. Then you have to sacrifice a kid goat and two lambs. This will be a holy day and no work shall be done. Oh and don’t clean the corners of your fields, leave that for the poor. Next comes the first day of the seventh month and the convocation of the trumpets. This is followed 10 days later by the day of atonement. You can’t work on this day or you will be cut off from the people. On the 15th day of the seventh month shall be the feast of the tabernacle. This lasts 7 days. Offerings are to be made by fire.  You are to dwell in a booth for the entire seven days.

In other words:

God commands that there be 3 major feasts a year and Sabbaths every week. (Passover, First Harvest and Sukkot)

 Favorite bit:

The harvest feast. I like that it isn’t just a onetime thing. They harvest, give thanks, feast, then do It all again 50 days later.

Least favorite bit:

The sacrifices for the harvest feast seem a bit much.

Other favorite bit:

The concept of the Sabbath, where you don’t do any work. Having that be a weekly thing, brilliant. I love having days off and I love the idea that not working is valued.

Moral Lessons Learned: 

  • Take time off every week. (Leviticus 23)
  • Treat yourself to a good meal every once in a while (Leviticus 23)