Leviticus 27: How much does this cost?


We are given the cost of being redeemed in the congregation and before the lord. It’s expensive. Men are worth 50 shekels. Women 30 shekels. Prices for fields, cows and houses are set by the priests.

In other words:

The cost of membership in the congregation is set.

Favorite bit:

Leviticus 27:8 – if a man is too poor to pay, he should present himself to the priest who will value him according to his ability to pay.

Most interesting bit:

Leviticus 27:25 – all shekels shall be weighed against the shekel of the sanctuary. 20 gerahs shall be a shekel. The sanctuary and priests maintain the standard weight.

Moral Lessons Learned:

  • Standard measurements are important (Leviticus 27:25)
  • Pay your fair share (Leviticus 27:8)