Numbers 2: Pitch Your Tent


God tells Moses and Aaron where everyone should pitch their tents in relationship to the Tabernacle.  For the record here is how the encampment was laid out:

East of the Tabernacle: (186,400 men – 1st rank)
Judah (Nashon is captain)
Issachar (Nethaneel is captain)
Zebulum (Eliab is captain)

South of the Tabernacle: (151,450 men – 2nd rank)
Reuben (Elizur is captain)
Simeon (Shelumiel is captain)
Gad (Eliasaph is captain)

The Levites are to camp around the Tabernacle and take care of it – so they are in the center

West of the Tabernacle: (108,100 men – 3rd rank)
Ephraim (Elishama is captain)
Manesseh (Gamliel is captain)
Benjamin (Abidan is captain)

North of the Tabernacle: (157,600 men – 4th rank)
Dan (Ahiezer is captain)
Asher (Pagiel is captain)
Naphtali (Ahira is captain)

In other words:

The armies are organized and people are given their sleeping assignments.

Favorite bit:

That the numbers add up correctly.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Stay organized. Everything has it’s place.(Numbers 2)