Numbers 7: The Tabernacle is Set Up


Moses sets up the Tabernacle and all the princes of the tribes of Israel bring offerings to the tabernacle. 6 wagons and 12 bulls to pull them – are divided to Merari and Gershon families to help them cart the tabernacle around. The Kohath get nothing because they have to carry the altar etc on their shoulders. The numbers of other offerings made by the various tribe amounts to: 12 chargers of silver, 12 silver bowls and 12 golden spoons. That is equivalent of 2,400 shekels of silver and 120 shekels of gold. There were also 12 bulls, 12 rams, 12 lambs and 12 kids for burnt offerings. The peace and sacrifice offers were 24 bulls, 60 rams, 60 lambs and 60 goats. When Moses goes into the Tabernacle – he hears a voice speaking from the Mercy seat that is on top of the Ark.

In other words:

Everyone gives their offerings to the tabernacle and Moses hears voices.

Favorite bit:

That the book of Numbers really is about numbers.

Next favorite bit:

Numbers 7:89 Moses hearing the voice of God from the Mercy seat.

Least favorite bit:

That this chapter goes on for 89 verses!  It’s seriously long. Thankfully, they give us a synopsis of the offerings in 84-88 because this chapter lists every single offering in the order it was given – which is the same for each prince so it’s really repetitious.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Make good on your promises (Numbers 7)