Numbers 8: The Levites get Shaved


God orders all the Levites to be washed, bodies shaved and clothes cleaned and brought before the tabernacle for an offering. Basically, Since all the first born of Israel belong to God because of what he did in Egypt, instead of taking the first born, he takes the Levites instead who service God and the congregation as priests that way there will be no plague upon the children of Israel. Every Levite from 25 to 50 has to serve the congregation.

In other words: 

God takes the Levites in trade for all of the first born of Israel – calls it even.

Favorite bit:

Numbers 8:6 – Sprinkle water of purity upon them, and let them shave all their flesh, and let them wash their clothes, and so make themselves clean. Can’t help but imagine 8,500 -ish hairy men shaving their chests, arms, heads, legs and private parts to “clean” themselves for God. A bath clearly wasn’t enough.

Least favorite bit:

Numbers 8:24,25 – In Numbers 4 – the ages of service are 30 to 50 and here it is 25 to 50. Which is it? Hmmm?  All the others numbers so far add up. The numbers relating to the Levites don’t.

Other least favorite bit:

That this entire thing is a bit of a scam really. You pay us to take care of the tabernacle and that is our only job. And you should thank us because otherwise your first born would have to do it.  Scam!

Moral Lesson Learned:

Keep yourself clean (Numbers 8)