Numbers 9: Passover under a cloud


Fourteenth day of the first month of the 2nd year after Egypt, it’s time for Passover, which is celebrated. Except there were some men who were defiled by a dead body and they weren’t sure what they should do. Moses speaks to God and they are told to celebrate Passover anyway. Everyone is to celebrate it regardless of where you are.  The tabernacle was set up and cloud descended upon it by day and by night it had the appearance of fire.  Whenever the cloud was there, they pitched their tents. Whenever the cloud was gone, they journeyed.

In other words:

They celebrate Passover for a 2nd time.

What I think really happened:

Regarding this whole cloud over the tabernacle that is a cloud by day and a fire by night, and when it is there, they sit in their tents and when it is gone, they journey thing. The altar at the center of the tabernacle is a GRILL!  If they are burning things on the grill, under the Mercy seat – there is a cloud of smoke. And yeah – at night, it would look like fire, because it WAS fire. No miracles here. Moving on.

Favorite bit:

Numbers 9:6-10 – the men who were defiled by a dead body asking what they should do about Passover. I like that it is a reasonable question to ask given the circumstances.

Least favorite bit:

That the whole journey or don’t journey cloud thing was so clearly a sham, predicated on the whims of Moses and Aaron but given the force of God for everyone else.

Moral Lesson Learned:

It is good, on occasion, to rest and do nothing. (Numbers 9)