Numbers 18: Payment for Service


God tells Aaron that all the stuff that is given to the tabernacle actually belongs to him and to the children of Levi. All the meat, all the bread, all the best oils, all the money belongs to them. It is their payment for dedicating themselves to the care of the tabernacle. The only exception is the firstling of the cows. Those are to be slaughtered and their blood sprinkled on the altar. But aside from that. Everything given in offering belongs to the Levites. Oh – except 1/10th of the money – that goes to the tabernacle.

In other words:

God tells the Levites how they are to be paid. Hint, everything that is given to the tabernacle in offering belongs to them.

Favorite bit: 

Numbers 18:17 – where the firstling cows are exempted from what Levites can claim as their own.

Least favorite bit:

Numbers 18;26 – where they have to give to the temple 1/10th of the tithes they collect from the children of Israel. It is very clear this is a financial scam that makes it so the Levites never have to do real work. Not really.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Make sure you know how you are being paid. (Numbers 18)