Numbers 17: A Blossom Fell


To quell the murmurings and rebellions, Moses asks every tribe to provide a rod with the name of one prince. Moses ads a rod for Aaron. They leave it in the tabernacle overnight. The one that blossoms is God’s chosen. Lo and behold, the only one that has blossomed is Aarons. His rod is to be kept as a testament against the rebels. Everyone else complains that they have been condemned to die, which they basically have.

In other words:

To quell the uprising, Moses makes a rod blossom.

Favorite bit:

That this test is so easy to fake. Moses chooses the rods to be used. All he had to do was choose to give a rod to Aaron that would blossom and ones that wouldn’t to everyone else.

Least favorite bit:

That this doesn’t really stop the complaining. (Numbers 17:12,13)

Moral Lesson Learned:

It’s important to know when to fold your hand. (Numbers 17)