Numbers 34: The land is surveyed


Moses surveys the land and we are given the details of the borders of the land that they plan to “inherit by killing the current inhabitants. We are then given the names of the specific princes of each tribe who will inherit lots in the new land. In case you are wondering, it looks just like modern day Israel. Go figure.

In other words:

They survey the land they plan to invade and make plans for dividing it up between them.

Favorite bit:

I really do like land surveys.

What annoys me:

That modern Israel used the Bible as justification for their modern day land grab. It also explains the whole – got to get rid of every single Palestinian, who have the unfortunate problem of having been the modern inhabitants that God told the ancient Israelites to get rid of, every single one of them. It’s one thing for this to happen in an ancient story. It’s another when modern people try to justify genocide because they seem to want to recreate an ancient story.  There is a moral here – but I won’t add to the official morality since modern history would not have influenced how ancient people would have viewed the story.

Moral Lesson Learned

Proper land surveys are important (Numbers 34)