Numbers 35: 6 cities are set up for the Levites


God commands that the Levites be given 6 cities 1,000 cubits round and another 2,000 cubits out for the suburbs. These cities are to be cities of refuge for anyone who accidently kills another. If you do it on purpose, you are to be killed. But if it is an accident and it is deemed to be an accident, you are sent to a city of refuge to keep you safe from anyone who might want to revenge the death you caused.

In other words:

6 cities are to be set aside as cities of refuge run by the Levites to give safe haven to accidental manslaughter. Intentional murders don’t get refuge.

Favorite bit:

That the rules of what constitutes murder vs. accidental manslaughter are laid out in detail.

Moral Lesson Learned

Accidents happen (Numbers 35)
Murder isn’t ok but accidental manslaughter is to be forgiven. (Numbers 35)