Deuteronomy 13: Kill Them!


Moses warns them that if there is a prophet and his prophecies come true and he tries to entice you to follow other gods. Don’t. Kill him.  If your neighbor or brother or soul mate encourages you to worship and follow other gods. Don’t. Kill them.  In particular – if you are among people who follow Belial – don’t just kill them. Burn them and smite them.

In other words: 

Don’t join another cult.

Favorite bit:

Deuteronomy 13:2 – even if the prophet is true – don’t believe him (paraphrased)

Most interesting bit:

That the children of Belial are singled out as being particularly dangerous seducers of other gods.

Least favorite bit:

That speaking in favor of a different belief is punishable by death.  I dislike blasphemy laws. Especially blasphemy laws that have death as a punishment.

Moral Lesson Learned: