Judges 4: The death of Sisera


After Ehud dies Jabin, king of Canaan, takes control. They suffer under him for 20 years because he had chariots of iron. The captain of the Canaanite army was Sisera. Deborah, a priestess and respected judge called for Barak out of Kedesh and told him to get 10,000 men from Naphtali and Zebulun. You are going to the river Kison to fight Sisera. Barak said, I will do this if you will come with me. She agrees and tells him that God will sell Sisera into the hands of a woman. Heber – a Kenite (children of Moses’ father in law), had pitched his tent in Zaanaim. He showed Sisera what Barak was doing up on mount Tabor. Sisera gathered 900 chariots of iron and all the Gentiles from Harosheth. Barak comes down from mount Tabor and fights. All the chariots fell before his sword. Sisera escaped on foot and found the tent of Jael, wife of Heber (the Kenite who told Sisera about Barak’s plan). She lets him in and agrees to hide him. Gives him milk and lets him fall asleep. She then takes a nail and hammers it into his skull killing him. When Barak shows up, she shows him his slain enemy. The children of Israel prevailed against the Cananites.

In other words:

There is a great battle involving 10,000 Israelis with swords against 900 chariots of iron from Canaan. The chariots loose and Israel prevails.

Favorite bit:

Judges 4: 17-22 – this is Jael’s story and how she kills Sisera. First, I love her name. 2nd, I love her role in this drama.

Big question:

Why hasn’t someone made this into a movie? Or an opera? Seriously – this is exciting!

Moral Lesson learned:

Superior technology isn’t enough to ensure success. (Judges 4)